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Dogma: The Platypus Disclaimer

Dogma is one of my favourite movies. I am posting this disclaimer for one of the articles I plan to post in near future. I am about to do something along the line of Dogma.

So, voila! Here it goes:

  1. a renunciation of any claim to or connection with;
  2. a desavowal;
  3. a statement made to save one's own ass.
Though it'll go without saying ten minutes or so into these proceedings, View Askew would like to state that this film is- from start to finish- a work of comedice fantasy, not to be taken seriously. To insist that any of what follows is incendiary or inflammatory is to miss our intention and pass undue judgment; and passing judgment is reserved for God and God alone (this goes for you film critics too... just kidding).

So please - before you think about hurting someone over this trifle of a film, remember: even God has a sense of humore. Just look at the platypus. Thank you and enjoy the show.

P.S. We sincerely apologize to all platypus enthusiasts out there who are offended by that thoughtless comment about the platypi. We at View Askew respect the noble platypus, and it is not our intention to slight these stupid creatures in any way.

Than you again and enjoy the show."




Faith, Love, and Hope are Christian theological virtues.

The name of this kindergarten is called "Xin Ai", which means "Faith Love." What happened to Hope? Is this the first circle of Hell, where the only penalty is hope got cut off?


The Christian doctrine of the Trinity teaches the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three persons in one Godhead."

I wonder what else can Trinity be? Holy Cow, Holy Shit, and Holy Smoke?


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