Cell Phone War/手機大亂鬥

Cell Phone War/手機大亂鬥

Although I have been having tons of fun taking photos and videos with my Nokia 5800, I am still not happy with it. Its software is crappy, and documentation lousy. It is clear Nokia's software department is either under staffed or poorly run. I will never consider Nokia again unless they would make their software Open Source. Now it comes to it, I wonder why Nokia is not going open source. If no one is buying their cell phones, what would their software copy right be good for? What is wrong with a bounch of hackers working for them for free? If Nokia do not go open source soon, sooner or later, they are going to be exterminated by Android the way Solaris by Linux. It was too late for SUN to open Solaris. Hackers of the world had already embrassed Linux when SUN came to their senses. History is awaiting to be repeated.


One of my main excuses to give my Nokia 5500 an early retirement is savings by using Skype via Wi-Fi. This does not really work for Nokia 5800. When Fring does not crash, the quality of the sound was too poor to carry a conversation. My friends using iPhone are happy with their Skype.

我讓我的Nokia 5500提早退休的藉口之一是可以拿5800來打網路電話。但是5800上的Fring常當。就算不當,通話品質也爛到不行。我那些用挨諷的朋友們可沒這種問題。

I am not going to touch iPhone either. Apple has placed too much restriction onto their own hardware and software. Many iPhone users install this software called "Jail Break" to unleash some of the potentials of iPhone. Why the heck am I paying good money to jail myself at the first place? Buying iPhone gives me this feeling of self-castration. In addition, consider its price and ability to take photos and videos, it is just not worthy. Do not be fooled by iPhone's ability to take photos. Its resolution might appear to be decent on FaceBook, but certainly not good enough for photo printing and enlargement. I would recommend iPhone only for business people who do not care about the RIO on cell phones.


I had good experience with Palm, until I went to China. Palm bought their Chinese system from a 3rd party. You have the choice of using different popular Chinese encoding methods, except for Unicode. If you use traditional Chinese codes, then the phone screws up the SMS sent in simplified Chinese charasters; if you use simplified Chiense characters, it mess up the traditional characters elsewhere, such as in the address book. In addition, Palm has been bought by M$. I refuse to pay M$ whenever possible.


I am a Linux and Mac user. I do not use Windows. Yet each time I purchase a PC, some of my hard earned money goes to M$. Unless M$ would refund all the money they robbed from me, I am not going to pay them any more money if I can help it.


I took a lesson on Android programming a couple of months ago. There had been way too many updates and revision of Android over the past year. It does not appear to me that it is ready. The expectation of 2.0 is great. Let's wait and see.


Based on my good experience with Linux and freeware, I am going to wait for a matured version of Android before my next purchase of a new cell phone.


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