Anouncement: Seamas Manly Concert at Cafe de Magic Lisa, Saturday Feb 20th

Seamas Manly Concert at Cafe de Magic Lisa, Saturday Feb 20th

Seamas Manly live in concert at Cafe de Magic Lisa. Guitar and Vocal Inspiration! 8pm, Saturday Feb 20th.

No cover charge, come and try one of the delicious teas or enjoy the excellent natural cuisine.

Seamas enjoys playing music and has the talent to bridge to the audience with his wonderfully flowing style. He also composes music, which is therapeutic and soul nurturing, He can pull your heart strings and play chords in you.

Accompanying himself on acoustic guitar or playing with a full band, Seamas has many moods, colours and textures. With influences ranging from Frank Zappa to Ani Difranco, he entertains with the power of music to heal and communicate. He has played guitar for 35 years. His compositions have been featured on Canadian radio and TV, and you can hear his lead guitar playing on the TreeRoots Revolution CD "Deeper Than Grass". treerootsrevolution.com

Cafe de Magic Lisa is at 16-1 Cingnian (Qingnian) 1st Rd, near the Cultural Center, at the intersection of Fujian, the phone number is 07-2265089

Magic Lisa is a cozy cafe with natural ingredient home made dishes and a variety of creative drinks. The theme of the Cafe is "Green, Life and Laughter". Free wireless access and projector are available.



This event is endorsed by Kaohsiung English Corner.

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