Vietnamese Coffee/越南咖啡

Ha Noi, Viet Nam, October 25, 2009
No, it is not a typo. Although the sign reads Hue, this shop is in Ha Noi.


I have acquire the taste of Vietnamese coffee for more than a decade ago in Canada. It is strong in taste, but light in coffine.


The owner's son is working in Malaysia. That is the reason they have Chinese signs.


The legendary coffee been that has taken the trip through the digesting track of a weasel. According to a program from Discovery Channel, this crappy delicacy is more of a hype than real good taste.


VND 15,000

Sa Pa, Lao Cai, Viet Nam, October 23, 2009
2009年10月23日,越南老街沙壩 The SOP for brewing Vietnamese Coffee/製作越南咖啡的SOP: The followings are from/以下引用自:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZe6zmG9r70

  1. 拿出泡越南咖啡的家司:滴滴壺濾器與透明玻璃杯(Vietnamese coffee filter)
  2. 先舀3匙咖啡粉入濾器底層,將中間過濾網蓋上後壓實
  3. 過濾網上再舀1匙咖啡粉, 移到空杯上
  4. 先倒入些許x度C的熱水稍微把咖啡粉泡濕/給他澎脹5秒
  5. 再加入熱水至外蓋的提耳處, 蓋上頂蓋, 沒多久就會看到咖啡汁慢慢滴下來了

The aboves are from/以上引用自:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZe6zmG9r70 Procedures:
  1. Get the equipments readyPut three(3) spoons of ground coffee at the bottom of the filter, and press it tight with the middle filter
  2. Put one more spoon of ground coffee on the middle filter, and put the filter on the top of an empty glass
  3. Pour in a bit of hot water just enough to wet the coffee, and wait for 5 seconds to allow expansion
  4. Fill up the filter, place the lid on top of the filter, and wait

After the dripping becomes slow, you can put the lid on the table, and the filter on the lid. While you enjoy your coffee, there will be a few drops come out of the filter onto the lid. You can pour those few drops into your cup.  當咖啡滴下的速度夠慢時,可以把蓋子放桌上,再把過濾器放在蓋子上。這樣在享受咖啡時,還會有幾滴流到蓋子上。等瀝乾後,可以把蓋子上那幾滴倒到杯子裡。 Advice for "Stupid" Tourists: There is plenty of room and numerous ways for small shops to rip tourists off on coffee. May I suggest getting your coffee from super markets? I am not saying Hue Cofe ripped me off, as I only drank a cup of coffee there. That was a very nice cup, BTW. 給外行人的撇步: 小店在咖啡上要宰遊客的方法爆多。建議到明碼標價的超市買比較有保障。我沒說順化咖啡店宰了我。我只在那兒喝了杯咖啡。還不錯喝說。 戰利品/Souvenirs: 代價/Damage:   江蕙 - 咖啡 延伸閱讀:

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