Sung Than Cong: Bite Me! Encore/阮朝的天子之劍

Sung Than Cong: Bite Me! Encore/阮朝的天子之劍

Citadel, Hue, Vietnam/越南順化阮朝故宮
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「大砲 Sung Than Cong


According to the guide book above, on page 130, it reads:

"Cannon Sung Than Cong

There are 9 cannons inside the citadel. They were built in 1803, symbolizing the four seasons. It took one year to build. The four cannons at the east symbolizes the four seasons, the five at the west the Chinese five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. The reference is engraved at the base."


It was dusk when I found these cannons. I only had time for the "four seaons", but not the "five elements." I did not find the base, but I recognize the reference. This is another defiant middle finger to China. Another claim to the throne of the world.

The reference is from a story from a Chinese Daoist book: Zhuang Zi (aka Chuang Tzu). Some scholars suspect that that chapter was faked by later folks. In that story, there was a war lord who appreciated the art of fencing. He had swordsmen dueling at his court days and nights. The casualty was mounting, and the country weaken. The crown prince seek councel from a Daoist philosopher: Zhuang Zi. He told the lord that he had three swords to offer. One was for the Heavenly Child (King of the World) another for war lords, and the other for peasants. He managed to convince the war lord by questioning him why he wield the peasants' sword while he had the chance to wield the Heavenly Child's. His description to the Heavenly Child's swords included "wrapped in the four seasons" and "controled by the five elements."

The Vietnamese emperor was proclaiming these nine cannons were parts of his "sword" of Heavenly Child by naming his cannons as "four seaons" and "five elements."

The weight of this cannon

Inside the barrel/砲口內

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