Bite Me!/九鼎:咬我啊!

Bite Me!/九鼎:咬我啊!

These nine woks are Vietnamese showing THE finger to Chinese. From Chinese point of view, this is a challenge regarded as a declaration of war. They represent the deep root of Chinese tradition in Vietnam, and their determination of defiance against China.

The Tripod Wok was an ancient Chinese cookware. Nine tripod woks were an anicent symbol representing all nine states of anicent China. This is the symbol of Chinese Emperor, aka Heavenly Child. One heaven, one Heavenly Child. Back in those good old days, in China, the mere inquery of the specification of these wokes was considered sufficient evidence of treason punishable by death of all members of all extended families of the offender.

Consider the depth of the knowledge of Chinese culture shown at the entrance of the palace, these nine wokes is an unmistakable sign of defiance to China. They send a loud and clear message of "Bite Me!"

 3. 問鼎
 注音一式 ㄨㄣˋ ㄉ|ㄥˇ
 漢語拼音 w n d n   注音二式 w n d ng
 相似詞 染指  相反詞 


The Nine Wokes in the Citadel of Hue/阮朝宮中的九鼎:

The Largest Centre Woke: Gao Ding/中央最大最重的高鼎:

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