Dai Noi/阮朝王宮:進宮/Hue Citadel: The Entrance

Dai Noi/阮朝王宮:進宮/Hue Citadel: The Entrance

Hue, Viet Nam, October 31, 2009

Being a defiant independent state, Viet Nam emphasizes its sovereignty by duplicating Chinese imperial protocols. I guess Dai Noi is the Vietnamese equivalent of Chinese Da Nei, which means "Great Interier/Inside the Palace"

我猜Dai Noi是「大內」的意思。

By the outer wall.


Outside the Meridian Gate.


Meridian Gate


After passing the Meridian Gate, you see these two signes/進午門後,是兩座牌坊:

This phrase is a reference to an ancient Chinese book stating the way of an emperor, which is "Righteous without Bias."


Between these two signs, there are Koi ponds/在兩道牌坊之間,有錦鯉池:

This is another reference to another ancient Chinese book, stating the natural of an emperor: As high and bright as heaven, and forever lasting.


At this point, if you turn around, you will see the following writings on the back of the same two signes/此時,如果您轉身,可以看到剛剛經過的兩個牌坊的背面:

Another reference to the same book as the last one: Express your feelings properly, then Heaven and earth will stay at their proper position, and everything will be nurtured and grow.


This quote is one of the central concept of confucianism: base on kindness, and follow the path of justice.


It is my impression that the writings on the way in are how the emperor wanted to be perceived; On the way out, were the way the emperor preparing himself for the world.


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