Wok the Dog/日本美眉的初體驗

Dog eating is popular in at least parts of Asia, including China, Korea, and, alas, Vietnam. This is this Japanese young lady's first time braving it. The gens are folks from Binh Duong I. The ladies at Binh Duong I are all against dog eating.

這是日本美眉的初體驗:吃狗肉。兩位帥哥是Binh Duong I的。Binh Duong I的姑娘們是不吃狗肉的。


Upon our arrival at this restaurant, the hostess apologized for running out of cats.


This dude is holding a bottle of Ha Noi Vodka/這位仁兄拿著一瓶河內伏特加。

The final damage, including drinks, was VND 50,000 each.

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