7-11 Party/賢明門市開運慈善音樂會

7-11 Party/賢明門市開運慈善音樂會

December 26, 2009

A 7-11 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan held an outdoor concert/charity auction on the street in front of the store. The artists are young ladies and gentlemen from the neighbourhood.

This stage is a relative of the following transformer:
呆得粉口愛滴Open舞: Donations from good neighbours/好厝邊們捐獻的義賣品: Backstage: Console for the projector: 紀子涵綠鋼琴: 郭芯妤: 胡茗雯-卡巴烈夫斯基小奏鳴曲/白色情侶: 任思倩 - 水邊的阿地麗娜、夢中的婚禮 指揮交通: 海角七號配樂配阿明跟大姐不用裝就粉口愛滴大頭: 陳雅婷-蕭邦/夢幻即興曲: 林冠朋-愛的克麗斯汀: 楊子瑀-古老的大鐘: 手語歌: 李狄擎-龍貓: 檢視較大的地圖 Since May 7, 2010: free counters

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