Vietnamese A-Hole Found/發現越南混蛋

Hue, Vietnam, November 7, 2009

Taking a walk in the old city quarter, heading to a nice restaurant recommended by tour guide books. A man on a motor bike, with a woman on his back seat, approached me. He said the restaurant I am heading to is for tourists. He would recommended a cheap and good place where locals go. He claimed to be an English/Mathematics teacher. The woman was his wife.


As most of Vietnamese I had met so far were very nice. I decided to take a calculated risk, for the reward could be a priceless friendship.

I lost.



The A-hole did take me to a local restaurant. The food was typical and ordinary, but not the bill. When I was about the pay the bill, I saw the owner was having a difficult time writing it up. I guess the A-hole instructed the owner in Vietnamese the total amount she should charged me. The meal for two was about US$10. I would feel cheap only if it was my frist meal after I first arrived in Hue from North America.


He had the guts to ask me if the meal was cheap. I said it was very expensive, espeically the beer. He asked me how much I paid for beer norally. I said VND 8,000 for the kind of beer we had. In that restaurant, I just paid VND 90,000 for 7 bottles. Strange pricing, eh? He said the beer we had was very good, and it came with two grades. We had the better one. Better my rear ends. I did not taste the difference. Later, I asked friends working in a restaurant. They said there is only one kind of beer from that brewry.


VND 60,000


During the meal, he asked me if I were traveling alone, and invited me to a ride on his bike to country side the next day. I was not stupid enough to tell him I was alone. I told him I was traveling with some Canadians. We just had different plans that day.


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