Rating: Not Recommended, Tourist Trap

Address: 5 Chu Van An, Hue, Viet Nam

By stepping into this restaurant, you are announcing that you are a stupid loaded tourist and do not care about getting to know local dishes.


I visited this restaurant because of the recommendation of the following guide. This marks the beginning of my dissatisfation of this darn book:
More about 越南

The service of this restaurant is ok. The food is decent, but the value is very poor. Lousy environment. The staff lies.


Credit Cards: Before I went into the restuarant, I asked their staff if they would accept credit cards. After the meal, they told me they could not accept credit card payments due to the black out. My rear end. They could still get the authorization by phone. In addition, they also told me AFTER the meal that even if they could take credit card payments, they would add 3% charge.


Environment: After I sat down, I could not ignore this freaking noisy group of Francophone tourists. Not only did they talk loud, some of them them were banging their chop sticks on bowls and plates. In this part of world, this is the second worst thing you could do on a dining table. This signifies that you are a starving beggar begging for food. The worst is sticking chop sticks in your rice, virtically. This signifies that bowl of rice is offered to dead people. Although this is not the fault of the restaurant, you can avoid this situation going some where else.

In Vietnam, many western small potatoes are overwhelmed by the bang of their buck here, and reveal their true selves.

One of the best thing in Vietnam is the people. I enjoy returing their smile, showering by their friendiness, soaking in their warm kindness, and resonating with their vibes. All these are missing in this kind of "fancy" restaurants. They ditinguish themselves by being snobish. They serve nothing but as tourist traps!




Food: Though their food is decent, however, I can get other dishes somewhere else at a quater of their price at better quality and quantity, except for the crab soup. This meal costed me about VND 200,000.


Pho Bo/Beef Noodle Soup, available at almost every street corner at less than VND 20,000. If you would like to sample this dish in Hue, Pho Sai Gon is an excellent alternative.


Banh Khoai. Hanh does it better and much cheaper.

Banh Khoai. Hanh做得更好吃,更便宜。

Nem Lui: Hanh does it better and much cheaper.

Nem Lui: Hanh做得更好吃,更便宜。

Banh Beo: Go to Cung An Dinh. The good thing I can say about Temple is the lemon water for washing hands.

Banh Beo: 去Cung An Dinh。要我讚Temple的話,我會說那碗洗手用的檸檬水不錯用。

Crab Soup: Not included in the set menu I ordered. This is the only dish worth trying in this restaurant.


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