Stuart and Norbert/史都華跟阿光

Stuart and Norbert/史都華跟阿光

Ta Van, Sa Pa, Lao Cai, Vietnam, October 23, 2009

Norbert is Hungarian. I managed to impressed him with "jonapot", which means "good day" in Hungarian. My trick of remembering this expression is a mental picture of a whale smoking pot. How does the whale get access to some pot? From Jonah, of course! Hence the pot that whales smokes must be "Jonah Pot."

Pardubice, Česká republika. A building telling the story of Jonah's story on its wall. Photo taken in October 2006

He wears a necklace with a chinese character: light. He says his name, Norbert, means Northern Light. I only knew Norbert was the name of Hagrid's pet dragon from Harry Potter.

Stuart is his (travel) parterner. They joke around so much that it had been wild to be around them. One of their jokes is stuart calling Norbert Sorbert.



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