Nina Cafe

Rating: Worth a Shot
Address:16/34 Nguyen Tri Phuong St., Hue, Viet Nam
Phone: +84-54-383-8636

Secial Note: Super nice owner

My first meal in Hue is Fried Fish ala Hue. Look like spring rolls, eh? I came to this restaurant because it was recommended by a staff of my hotel. She said the price there was "reasonable." Indeed, very reasonable.


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As the owner had been very nice and friendly, I gather enough courage to inquire my request. I asked how much they would charge me if I brought some seafood, and asked them to cook for me. The answer was: "Free." I was very happy with their answer. However, that deal was obviously unfair. Hence I decided to go nuts on my orders of other meals.


Hue Specialty: Nem Lui. BBQ pork wrapped in rice paper with salad, and enjoyed with peanut dipping sauce.

順化特色菜:Nem Lui。烤豬肉用米紙包著青菜沾花生醬吃。推薦。

Asparagas Soup


Crabs bought from Dong Da Market: VND 200,000. The same crab would cost about twice as much in Taiwan.

Dong Da市場買的螃蟹:共VND 200,000

Free fruits.


On my second visit with two crabs, I request them to steam the crabs with ginger. This time, they charged me VND 10,000. That is less than US$1. Still very reasonable.



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