Nicolas on Rocks/來自法國的尼可拉斯

Nicolas on Rocks/來自法國的尼可拉斯

Near Sa Pa, Lao Cai, Vietnam, October 24, 2009

Unlike Polish, I have run into way too many French assholes. So many that I had to go to Paris to find nice folks. That mission was a great success though.

In this trip to Vietnam, I have once again have the luck of witnessing rude French folks. However, Nicolas is not one of them. He is definitely the silver lining of the French cloud. His home town is near Marseille. Marselle is the home of The Taxi. He is gentle, polite, and smile all the time. When I first met him, he was reading Dune in a HMong village. He said Dune talked about religions, philosphy, and politics. That comment reminds me of Babylon 5. When he drank tea, he was holding the tiny tea cup in his left hand, so the oriental pattern was facing him, and the blank side me. It seemed to me that he was drinking espresso instead tea.


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