Ngoc Son Temple/玉山祠

Ngoc Son Temple, Ho Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi, Viet Nam, October 20, 2009

This is a famous place of historical and cultural interest at the heart of the city of Hanoi.
Being built on the Ngoc (Jade) Islet and dedicated to Confucian and Taoist philosophers and the national hero Tran Hung Dao. The temple dates back from time immemorial and was expanded in 1865 with many works that we can see today - Thap But (Pen Tower), Dai Nghien (Ink Slab), The Huc (Welcoming Sunshine), Bridge, Dac Nguyet (Moon Contemplation) Pavilion, and Dinh Tran Ba (Pavilion Against Waves) - each of them has a significant meaning.
Together with Ho Hoan Kiem (Sword - Restored Lake), it has become a beauty spot, beautiful and historic, of the capital of Hanoi."
玉山祠 龍門/Dragon Gate "硯台筆塔大塊文章 唐科末榜士子階梯"
"人間文字無權全憑陰德 天上主司有眼單看心田" "The words of human carry no weight, deeds are the only things that matters; The Lord above has eyes, that watch only the hearts." 虎榜/Tiger List
硯台/Ink Slab
 Ngoc Son Temple 敬字亭/Gazebo for Tribute to Words This is a Chinese tradition I have only read of, but never seen it in action. Words used to be considered so sacred that papers with words were to be treated with proper respect. Hence disposed paper with words were required to be incinerated in order to sent the words back to heaven. “道有主張北文明之象“ "The priciple of Tao is a sign of the civiliation in the north, in the direction of the Big Dipper;" “人同瞻仰南禮樂之都“ "Everybody admires the land of rites and music down south in the state of Jiao." Jiao is a state established by a Chinese emperor in 111 B.C. It is an ancient name for the the region consists of middle and northern Vietnam, and part of the southern China. Practically  it is the "Chine" in the French word "Indochine". Friendly staff giving away free city maps. 親切的職員免費奉送河內地圖 1968年還劍湖中捕獲的巨鱉/Giant turtle caught in 1968 龍馬河圖 神龜洛書 Notice there is a sword on the turle's back. This signifies the legend of Sword Restored Lake. In short, it is the Vietnamese version of King Arthur, with a giant turtle replacing the lady in the lake. 注意龜背上有柄劍。長話短說,這個故事是越南版的亞瑟王,不過湖中的仙女換成一隻巨龜。 筆塔/Pen Tower Free counters!

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