Hanh: Nem Lui + Banh Khoai

Hanh: Nem Lui + Banh Khoai

Rating: Pilgrimage

Address: 2 Nguyen Tri Phuong St.

Another great place recommended by folks at Bing Duong I Hotel.

Hue specialties. This place has the best Nem Lui I ever had and excellent return of investment. I do not remember exactly how much I paid. It was definitely less than VND 50,000 for everything.

又一間Bing Duong I旅館的美眉推薦的好地方。

順化特色菜。我吃過最好吃的Nem Lui。超高投資報酬率。我忘記我在這裡砸了多少銀子,但絕對少於五萬盾。

Nem Lui: BBQ pork wrapped in rice paper with veggies completed with peanut dips.


Banh Khoai

The three dishes listed on their sign are their specialties, including Banh Beo (Rice Cakes). However, according to folks at Bing Duong I Hotel, Cung An Dinh does Banh Beo better.

他們的三道招牌菜包括Banh Beo(粿)。但是Bing Duong I的美眉Cung An Dinh的Banh Beo卡好。


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