Folks@Cathi's Cafe

Folks@Cathi's Cafe

November 2, 2009/2009年11月2日


This is Sergi from Barcellona, Spain. He is a location manager for films. He was at Cathi's Cafe to bring take out food for his friend/co-worker who was sick and stayed in the hotel. I tried to show off my spanish, but the girls took my line. Other than greeting, I knew only the W word (P in Spanish) related expressions. So, per my request, Sergi began to give me a lesson. Since he is such a gentleman and nice guy, the tone of his speech just could not match his words. The contradiction was very funny. However, consider if his mother ever see this video, she might want to use some of them to greet my mom. Since neither of us want to see that happens, I am not going to include that clip in my blog. Ah... what the heck. It is too good to be a secret.

India did not impress him. He says INDIA stands for "I Never Do It Again", for there are too many people and too much misery.

We both love Vietnam, for friendly, affectionate people. He says in Spain, although people are well paid, they spend more as the cost of living is even higher. Hence the quality of life is low. Whereas in Vietnam, although people are not making much, but the quality of life is very good due to the low living standard.

社稷來自西班牙巴塞隆納。他的工作是為電影場景經理。我在Cathi's Cafe遇見他,因為他要為臥病在床的朋友/同事帶外賣。我本來想烙句西班牙語的,可是姑娘們把我會的那句捷足先登了。除了問候外,我就只會問候人家的老母。所以社稷應觀眾要求,給我上了一課。可是因為社稷太紳士,人太好,所以他的架勢跟口出的穢言實在太不搭。那影片雖然好笑,可是擔心萬一他媽看到後,可能會用其中的幾句問候家母,所以就不拿到網上來曬了。算了!實在太好笑了。還是放上來吧!



I was in Cathi's Cafe because I just finished a tour to historical sites. The drop off spot was on the other side of the town. So I decided to walk around a bit. When I got a bit tired, I saw a sign of 5,000VND draft beer, and these engergetic young ladies. The reasonable priced beer convinced my sense, the chicks sensibility.

我到Cathi's Cafe是因為我跟了旅行團參觀順化的古蹟,解散的地點是我還沒逛過的地方。所以我決定信步轉轉。當我有點累時看到了一杯5,000盾的啤酒的廣告牌,跟這些熱情如火的小姑娘。定價合理的啤酒說服了我的理性;而這些小姑娘說服了我的感性。

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November 3, 2009
After I promised them to bring a pizza.


November 7, 2009


November 8, 2009


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