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Recommending Binh Duong I Hotel is one of the very few useful information from this book:
More about 越南
推薦Binh Duong I Hotel是上面那本爛書裡難得有用的資訊。

Address: 17/34 Nguyen Tri Phuong
Tel/FAX: 833298
E-Mail: binhduong1@dng.vnn.vn
Web Site: http://www.binhduonghotel.com/

They provide free pick-up service from train station.


This is one of their USD$12 rooms. They also have USD$7 rooms and USD$3 beds.


The staffs in this hotel are friendly, caring, warm, and trust worthy. They give very good advices espeically on recommending local restaurants. Most of them are also fluent in Janpanese.

The "shy" lady in the video is the queen bee. She is very competent, generous, and trust worthy. I consider myself exteremely lucky having the opportunity to know her. 影片中那位“害羞“的女士是這家旅館的“大媽“,雖然她才二十多歲。她很能幹、大方,而且值得信任。我覺得很榮幸能認識她。 She gave me plenty of useful advices including recommending nice restaurants such as Nina Cafe and Cung An Dinh. 她給了我很多好建議,包括像Nina CafeCung An Dinh這些好餐廳。 She is smart with excellent business sense. When I first arrived at this hotel, it was lunch time. So she recommended Nina Cafe, which is right next door with friendly service and reasonable price. 她很聰明,而且很會做生意。我剛到順化時,等安頓下來,已經到午餐時間了。她就推薦了Nina Cafe,就在隔壁,而且服務、價錢都很好。 A video clip found on YouTube with a good shot of Mai. YouTube上找到的影片。有Mai清楚的正面鏡頭。 When I booked my room via e-mail, I asked for a room with internet connection. Perhaps they misunderstood me, they gave me a room with a computer and internet connection. Hence the price for the room was US$12. Afterwards, I found a US$7 room in another hotel, so I paid US$1 as deposit and planned to move out of Bing Duong I. She offered me another room at the same price. After I told her I would still check out and stay in another place for one night, as I have paid a deposit, she offered me a rebate to match my deposit. This is proved her keen business sense. In case I get comfortable in another place, I might not move back. By doing so, I saved money and trouble, the hotel got my business for the rest of my stay in Hue. 當初我用電子郵件訂房時,我要求房間裡要有網路。可能她們因此誤會了,房間裡不但有網路,還有電腦。可能因此給了我美金12元一晚的房間。後來我在別處找到美金7元一晚的旅社,就交了美金1元的押金,並準備退房。她就告訴我她們也有7元的房間。我說我在別處已經交了一元押金了,所以我還是要退房,先去那邊住一晚後再搬回來。她就說要給我一元,叫我別搬了。這證明了她很會做生意。這樣一來,我省了麻煩也省了銀子。如果我真搬過去,有可能不會再搬回來。這樣她們也確定能做到我在順化剩下的日子的生意。 She is also very generous and kind. I told her I was not working and traveling, so I had no income, hence she was richer than I. For that joke, she had been treating me breakfasts. Once I tried to pay, but the owner dare not taking my money, for she was staring at the owner. 她還很好心、大方。我告訴她,我現在沒工作,正在流浪。而她有工作,所以比我有錢。因為這個玩笑,一起吃早餐時,她就一直幫我買單。有一次,我搶著要付錢,她就把老闆瞪到不敢收我的錢。 A fellow traveler from Hangzhou, China left a book here. 一位來自杭州的旅客留下這本書。 Their bookshelf is loaded with Japanese tour guide books and comics, and a few English, French, and Chinese books. 她們的書架上有一大堆日本漫畫,包括全套的北斗神拳、好逑雙物語、黑傑克(怪醫秦博士)等。還有日文的旅遊指南,跟幾本英文、法文跟中文書。 This little lady reminds me of Mei Kusakabe from My Neighbor Totoro. 這個小姑娘讓我想到龍貓裡的草壁梅。 The "umbilical cord" is a piece of pastry. 那條"臍帶"是越南餅乾。 Since May 10, 2010: free counters

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