Cung An Dinh: Banh Beo

Cung An Dinh: Banh Beo

Rating: Pilgrimage

With even better qutality, traditional Hue specialties are sold here at a quater of the price in fancy restaurants. Very friendly and affectionate service. This meal costed me VND 47,000.


November 5, 2009/2009年11月5日

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This restaurant is hidden in a small alley and difficult to find. An easy way is to find the following church. That alley is the first one in front of Jesus to his right hand side.



Direction given by Mai from Binh Duong I Hotel. The last line is her recommended dishes.

Binh Duong I旅社的Mai給的地圖。最下面一行是她推薦的菜。

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