Close Shave in Prague/有驚無險布拉格


When I visited Czech Republic, I had the luck of running into World Bank Summit. Hotels in Prague was flooded by attedants and protestors. It took me quite some effort to find a bed. In the lobby of the hotel, there were local business cards. One of them read "Relaxation... Turkish bath, massage"

I thought that place was a SPA. So I hiked across the city after walking the city the whole day, and a concert. At the gate, there was a security searching everyone with a metal detector. In the hall, a super model like hottie greeted me. She was going to show me their facilities.

The first stop was a lounge with strip tease. (hmm... this is Europe. Folks have a very open altitude on this aspect...)

The second stop was steam bath and massage tables. (Now we are talking.)

The third stop was lockers for valualbes (How thoughtful.)

Finally... A small room filled with a king sieze bed! She said this would be my room after I made my selection in the lounge.

Crap. I was still an over aged virgin then. In addition, I was dead tired after hiking around the city the whole day.

"This is not what I expected." The lady's expression turned stern. "What were you expecting?" "I thought this was a spot that I could take a bath, and perhaps also massage." The lady became ever so tense, and led me to the manager. At the entrance, the manager was surrounded by a bunch of super models. My hostess was speaking in Czech, which I knew only how to say "thank you" then. Everyone listened with very straight faces. After her report, the manager turned to me, waved his right index finger, and said "No! No! No! This is all about sex. Come back, when you are ready." At the drop of his voice, everyone burst out laughting, including myself. That was my exit cue.










I picked up this brochure on my second visit to the city of Prague in 2006. This time, there were two lines more: "Girls, Girls..." and "Escort Service".

I wonder if I have any thing to do with that revision.

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  1. Dude, you should go there and take that service the second time you were there, not ready yet? ;)

  2. I am still not ready. I believe love needs to be fallen into before it can be made.


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