Bun Bo Hue/順化牛肉粉

Rating: Pilgrimage, for style, do not have to come to this particular vendor

I know "Hue" is the name of the town, and "Bo" means "beef" in Vietnamese. So I guess "Bun" is this particular type of noodle. This dish is a Hue specialty. Though it is available through out the day, it is best to have it as breakfast. The earlier, the better, as the broth will be water down later.

The major difference between Bun Bo Hue and Pho Bo, other than the broth, is the meat. Bun Bo Hue includes one slice of hax, completed with bone and skin.


順化牛肉粉跟牛肉河粉(Pho Bo)相比,除了湯頭外最大的差別在肉。順化牛肉粉有片連皮帶骨的牛腳。

This is side walk, not indoors. It was raining. Problem, once again, solved by a piece of plastic tarp.


VND 15,000



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