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Polish Assholes/波蘭混蛋
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On board #9 bus en route to Ho Huan Kiem, Ha Noi, Viet Nam, October 19, 2009

I am looking for these angles. If you know anyone of them, please kindly ask them to contact me by leaving a message on this blog. Thanks.

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I was going to Ho Huan Kiem area from the airport. I wanted the trip to be a cost effective adventure, hence I decided to take the city bus. I got on to #7 bus. I was not sure which stop to get off, so I tried to get help. Although they are eager to provide their hep, not many Vietnamese speak English, so I was in a bit of tight spot. A young lady approached me, and asked if I were Chinese. She is a Yao people from Guangxi province of China. She asked around and figured out the transfer for me.

I was told to get off at the last stop of number 9 bus. As a geek, I always like to get a second opinion. When I noticed the bus stopped at a university, I pulled out my travel guide book, and asked the young man sitting next to me. A boy sitting across the aile noticed my book, and signed to ask for a look of that book. I passed my guide book to him.

I have been paying attention to his group for some time. They are silent, yet extremely energetic, passtionate, and radiant. They signed to each other instead of talking. So I tried to use the little American Sign Language to ask them if they were deaf mute. They were dumb struck for a moment, and signed the confirmation right back. I signed back that I learned signed language.

And so, the party began.

We all became very exited. I finally understand a lesson from my sign language professor: deaf mute consider hearing people dull, as they do not fully utilize their facial expression and body language.

I had only spent one semester learning sign language. It was the effort, instead of my language skill, that ignite the fire within these angels. Soon, I could not keep up any more. These kind angels immediately pulled out a pen and a note book. Too bad I could not read Vietnamese either. So I seeked help from the young man I asked for direction. He told me they wanted to know my name. Here is the ass hole part kicks in. The ass hole is no other but myself. Why the heck did I not take the chance to write down my e-mail address?

The university student sitting next to the girls joined in to offer his help. The girls write to him, he translate the message between English and Vietnamese in writing. For more than three times, they said they were very happy to meet me. Thanks God I still remember how to sign "Nice to meet you". We pulled out our weapons, cameras, and began shooting at each other.

That bus ride has been a glimsp of heaven to me.

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