The Real Bud/正港百威

美國的百威啤酒其實是山寨貨。百威Budweise原來的確是個以啤酒聞名的德國城市,二次世界大戰後,被割給捷克斯拉夫,改稱Ceske Budejovice,所產啤酒叫做Budvar。無恥的美國人在美國把Budweiser這個名字註了冊,因此,百威在美國是難喝的山寨貨,正港的捷克百威則在歐洲銷售。

American registered the name Budweiser in the states. In fact, Budweise was a German city handed to Czechoslavia after WWII. It is now known as Ceske Budejovice. The fine brew produced over there is called Budvar.

The above picture was taken in Kosice, Slovakia. This town was called Kassa, and belong to Hungary. It was handed to Czechoslovakia after WWII as Huns picked the "wrong" side.

正港百威。自口西且出發往初戀情(Trencin)的火車上/The real Bud. On a train from Kosice to Trencin

百威市中心廣場/Town Square of Ceske Budejovice

據說噴泉上的雕像是因為噴泉噴的是水不是啤酒而結屎面/Legend has it that the statues on the fountain have crappy expressions because the fountain does not flow beer


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