It's Hard to Find Polish Assholes/波蘭混蛋很難得

It's Hard to Find Polish Assholes/波蘭混蛋很難得

What's wrong with Polish? They are destroying my effort not being a racist! My theory is that people are just people. There are always assholes and cool folks. My problem is, all the Polish I have run into are all ultra nice. Especially Polish chicks. Not only they are super hot, but also easy going. Once I dated a Polish hotty. Although somehow the vibe did not feel quite right, but I absolutely like everything about her, including her looks, brains, and personality. Above all, I like the way she told me what she likes and what she dislikes upfront. No brain game at all.

I told one of my Polish friends how I felt towards their people, also my plan on finding Polish assholes by making a trip to Poland. My friend assured I would not be disappointed. Although I have not yet made the trip, I am still disappointed.

I ran into the following dudesses and dude in Ha Noi, Vietnam on October 20, 2009. A mere “Dzien dorbry” made them smiled this sweet. This dude was even so considerate and offered me his position in the picture. "Perhaps you would like to have a picture with the ladies?" No, thanks. The picture looks much nicer with you, dude!

Guess my disappointment is going to last much longer.

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啊波蘭人是怎麼樣啦?他們在破壞我反對種族歧視的努力耶... 我認為人就是人。不論種族,總是有混蛋,有好人。啊可是我碰過的每一個波蘭人都超讚的耶... 尤其是波蘭美眉。出了超辣外,還超好相處。我泡過一位波蘭辣妹。雖然後來感覺不對,但是我還是很欣賞她,尤其一開始她就清楚明白地告訴我她的好惡。完全不用費疑猜。





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