The Greatest Thing: Dujiangyan/最偉大的東西:都江堰









As far as I concern, Dujiangyan Irrigation System is the greatest thing, ever.

It was built by the first emperor before he conquored the rest of China. It was much older than the Great Wall. The Great Wall we see today was built in Ming Dynasty, not the original one built by the first emperor.

Great Wall and Pyramid are nothing but a pile of rock these days. They have lost their functionality of their original design. Dujiangyan is still fully function as designed.

From humanatarian point of view, it tamed the Ming River. Instead of flooding and killing people, Dujiangyan makes her water the land and feed people. Consider the number of people it has saved and fed over the years, it is indeed the greatest thing ever!

Instead of causing the first emperor tons of trouble each year, now this land feeds his people and army. Without Dujiangyan, it was unlikely for the first emperor to conquer the rest of China.

From technology point of view, Fish Mouth Levee generate and utilize whirlpools to drage the sand to the outer river. This is darn difficult fluid dynamic.

From engineering point of view, Dujiangyan was built in bronze age before the invention of gunpowder. Bottle-Neck Channel was built by burning firewood on the rock then cool it down by pouring cold water. Eventually the rock would cumble. It took 8 years of this painstaking process to open up the mountain for the Bottle-Neck Channel.

Not having a son is considered a great dishonour in Chinese culture. The officer in charge of building Dujiangyan, Li Bin, has only a daughter. Since Gods does not give him a son, the people do. People built the Two King Temple worshping Li Bin and his "son".


Fish Mouth Levee/分水魚嘴

Flying Sand Weir/飛沙堰

Bottle-Neck Channel/寶瓶口

The thingies on the wall to the left hand side is for tying horses/左邊牆上那玩意兒是拴馬用的。

他的都江堰 我的烏山頭

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