From Canucks, Aussies, to Taiwanese/貓纜的門禁真有國際水準

From Canucks, Aussies, to Taiwanese/貓纜的門禁真有國際水準

October 24, 2009, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Shared a train compartment with a cool Aussie couple from Lao Cai to Ha Noi. They recommended Chaser after I mentioned Rick Mercer's Talking to Americans.

2009年10月24日, 越南老街

跟一對很酷的澳洲夫婦在往河內的火車上同一間臥鋪。我提起加拿大的Talking to Americans, 他們推薦澳洲的Chaser。在YouTube上見識過後,發現原來貓纜的門禁有世界水準。

Talking to Americans:


Chaser's War on Everything:

貓纜鬆散直擊 北市府槓議員:

A city counceller tested the security of a cable cart station. The city decided to sue the counceller for tresspassing.


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