Formosan Aboriginal Harvest Festival/臺灣原住民豐年祭

Formosan Aboriginal Harvest Festival/臺灣原住民豐年祭

September 26, 2009
那魯灣村部落 新竹市原住民聯合感恩祈福豐年祭

Normally, the harvest festival is held in August. This year's was postponed due to the flood.


The Hsin-Chu City Government claims the main credit for holding this event. However, as a friend called to inquire about this event, the bureaucrat answered the phone knew nothing. Thanks to their incompetency, the event was not crowded with guests. Hence more-than-we-could-stuff lunch for us.


There were only three food stands and two souvenir stands. Obviously, these folks are not here to make money, but to enjoy a big party. 只有三個烤肉攤跟兩攤紀念品。很明顯,這些原住民是來跑趴的,不是來賺錢的。   斑鳩、放山豬/turtledove, free range pork We paid for the above food. As a matter of fact, there is indeed free lunch. Though not filthy rich, these aboriginal folks are extremely generous. 慷慨好客的原住民提供免費午餐。 More free lunch 有酸菜鵝、炸鯖魚、酸筍豬肉、炒米粉等。 SMOKING!!!!! 辣死人不償命! I do not think this performance is aboriginal Taiwanese. On the other hand, I am not going to complain, either. 跳完後,有位阿桑拿著毛巾走過來,問我們需不需要擦鼻血? Sweeeet. For sure they will be very hot in near future. 現在是很甜,以後會很辣。 Hotter than the scorching sun, is the passion of these folks. 比烈日還熱的,是他們的熱情。
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