Street Steak

Rating: Pilgrimage

Warning: This recommendation is in term of adventure. Potential food poisoning for weak stomachs.

As Chiang Kai-shek got to occupy Taiwan under US command, his government had always been kissing the United States of A. Hence anything related to the US is considered trendy. As most Taiwanese used to be too poor to afford steak, street venders came up this reverse engineered version. Do not come here to look for cure of homesick. A good piece of meat, a pile of noodle, an egg, plus all you can drink corn soup and iced tea, the entire set costs less than US$4. Look, and you shall be able to find this sort of street vendors all over Taiwan. The vendor would ask you whether you would like your steak well done or 80% cooked. So called 80% is like medium rare by North American standard. Since I have survived, and consider the number of returned customers, this vendor should be clean enough. Even though I did witness a dump truck drove by half way through my meal.

I dare you to try it and live to tell.

This particular vendor is located at the west end of this temporary night market. That night market along has at least 3 street steak vendors. I have not yet sampled the others.

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