Old Cai's Milk Fish/老蔡虱目魚

Rating: Pilgrimage

Serving authentic and traditional Taiwanese Milk Fish dishes, this place has been (dis?)graced by the current president and ex-vice president of Republic of China.

Personally, I prefer Ah De's. However, this place is more traditional. I guess back in those "good old days", milk fishes might not be as fresh as today's due to the old cooling and transportation methods. Hence pineapple and black bean saurce was the defacto way for cooking milk fish.



I stole this shot as the hostess was too shy to be taken photo. She insisted that camera puts over 10 pounds on her, even I ensured her charm."

One of their signature dishes: Milk Fish Belly in Pineapple/Black Bean Sauce (fenglidoujiang yudu)

Another classic: Milk Fish Congee (shimuyu zhou)

煎虱目魚肚/Pan Fried Milk Fish Belly


The hostess told me proudly that this piece of fish belly was fried quite well. Crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside. Simply perfect.

白斬雞/Boiled Chicken


Another Taiwanese classic. Simply boil the chicken and seasoned with soy sauce. Please do not be alarmed if you recognize the butt tip. I requested it. Please feel free to request for the breast. If you do so, the hostess is going to be thrilled. In Taiwan, most people would prefer feet to breast.


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