Baked Trout

Got this recipe from a Dutch friend. In case you insist, his name is Bart.

Recipe for the trout: (You could use it for any kind of (fresh or frozen) fish I'm sure, filet or whole -> make sure it's cleaned in the case of whole fish, otherwise do that yourself, ask salesperson how, I wouldn't know...)

Fish (we used cleaned and seasoned (acc to Julie) trout, approx 120 g pp.)

lemon juice (of 2 lemons, or 100 ml)
pepper, salt
sour cream (100 ml)
fresh dill, cut in small pieces (whole bunch for 15 people, 0.5-1 tbsp pp)
mix those ingr. together to make sauce.
butter (real butter; no margarin. saulted/unsalted up to you, i used salted) (100 g)

butter flat oven tray, put fish in, add sauce over it, make sure dill is evenly distributed, and cut remainder of butter in small pieces to put on top of fish. 40 min in oven at 325 F.

extra luxurous: add another 100 ml of white wine (dry) to sauce.


  1. Sorry. No picture. If I took time to take a picture, I doubt there would be anything left for me. I tried this dish in a friend's cottage on our way to a canoe trip. Because it tasted great, I asked for its recipe. Bart was not only a great cook, but also nice enough to send me the recipe via e-mail. I am cleaning up my old mail box.

    I do not have access to an oven. So please do not hold your breath, either.


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