Adjusting Biological Clock/調生理時鐘、時差

  1. 該睡覺時別見光
  2. 睡前三小時別吃東西
  3. 睡前五小時可以做點運動
  4. 睡醒後立刻見光、吃早餐
  5. 每天固定時間起床
  1. Turn off all lights when in bed.
  2. Do not eat anything 3 hours before bed time.
  3. Do some mild exercise 5 hours before bed time.
  4. Expose to sun light and have breakfast right after getting out of the bed.
  5. Get out of bed on time every morning.
從國興衛視:老師沒教的事看到的。 原理: 生理時鐘有兩個:

  1. 腸胃
腦靠光線來調節,尤其是陽光;腸胃則是靠食物。不論是腦或腸胃,要是醒著都會把身體裡的其他器官叫醒。 Saw this on a Japanese TV program. Theory: There are two biological clocks:
  1. Brain
  2. Stomach
The brain is adjusted by the light, especially the sun light; the stomach by food. Either brain or stomach would wake up entire body if awake. Since June 8, 2010: free counters

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