Klingon Torgud qagh vs Korean Octopus/韓國章魚

Klingon Torgud qagh vs Korean Octopus/韓國章魚

***** WARNING *****
The enjoyment of this dish includes extremely high risk of life threatening parasite.
I do not recommend this dish. I will never have this dish again. It is very delicious, but not worth dying for.
***** WARNING *****

***** 警告 *****
***** 警告 *****

Klingon qagh:

Korean Octopus:

Before we placed our order, it was an octopus swimming in a tank. After, it was chopped into pieces and seasoned. It was still wriggling in the plate. Its suction cups were still fully functional even when it was in our mouths. Wait! Isn't it the Korean version of qagh!?


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