Farmer vs Principle/農夫與校長






Ninteen fifty nine, soon after my mom became a elementary school teacher, a farmer dragged three students into the office. The new principle, Mr. Wu Digong, was from China. He did not understand that farmer's Taiwanese. So he asked my mom to be the intepreter.

The farmer was furious. He said those students had been stealing from him all the time. He had finally caught them.

The principle walked to the first student, held the student's hand in one hand, and use the free hand to slap hard... on his own face. As he doing so, he kept saying "I have been such a principle! I have been such a principle!" After the student realized what was happening, he began to cry.

The principle moved onto the next student. This is when the farmer came to. He kept saying "There is no need to be like this."

When it comes to the third student, the face of the principle began to swell. The farmer grabbed his hat, and left quickly.

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