China Eastern Airlines/中國東方航空公司

今天自由時報報導:中國東方航空人員 罵我旅客台巴子





"China Eastern Airlines is a company does not know the definition of 'service', and provides none of it.", according to a stranded passenger, today's Liberty Times. I cannot agree more.

In a evening of early August, 2009, I was going to fly from Shanghai Hongqiao airport. As there was a typhoon approaching, I called the airport in advance to confirm the flight had not been canceled. After I got my boarding pass, I waited for hours watching other flights taking off. Eventually, we were told our flight had been canceled. China Eastern Airlines provide no personnel to guide us. There were no queue but chaos in front of the counters. I was told I should have gone to another counter first after I finally manage to reach a counter. There was abosolutely no signs at all. When it comes to getting our luggages back, it was another struggle. Hours later, I found my luggage lyring around unguarded, could have been stolen any time.

After I got my luggage back, I noticed the gentleman next to me is holding a Korean passport. We began to chat. He asked me what I was going to do. I told him I am heading to the train station right away. I invited him to join me.

At the train station, we learned that the next train departs the next evening. He said he was going to stay at his friend's. I planned to stay at the company dorm. Once again, we shared a cab. I called my friend at the dorm. He told me there was not room available, but he could spend the night in the living room to free up a room for me. I asked him to find a cheap hotel nearby instead. When my new Korean friend heard this, he invited me to join him at his friend's.

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