拜訪詹宏達,“巧遇“黃麒嘉/Visiting Two Great Taiwanese Composers

拜訪詹宏達,“巧遇“黃麒嘉/Visiting Two Great Taiwanese Composers

2009年五月四日新竹/Hsinchu, May 4th, 2009


After I left Taiwan, I began to appreciate the music of Taiwan more and more. Unfortunately, most of them are not subtle enough to my taste. Finally, I came across Master Zhan Hongda's works. I put his The Past is just like the Shadow into my blog.


The composer of The Love of the Northern Rail, Master Huang Qijia, visited my blog, and informed me Master Zhan's right eye was blind. He encouraged me to pay Master Zhan a visit. I planned to visit him on the same trip as I visited my other friends in Northern Taiwan. However, Master Zhan had always been too busy to grant me an audience. Master Huang asked me to wait at Master Zhan's door. I did not think this was a good idea. It seemed to me he considered I was not enthusiastic enough, and he left me alone since.


I was going up north for the weekend again. Master Zhan asked me how we knew each other. I told him the story. He agreed to meet me on May 4th.


Mr. Peng, a friend, heard the laughter coming out of the house as we arrived at Master Zhan's. Master Zhan introduced Master Huang to us "call him ah-Jia" as we entering the house.


Two birds in one stone. We were thrilled to meet both of them. We brought a computer to copy the CDs of their works. They were very affectionate, and I was too happy to behave. Ah-jia's laugh was wild as he pointed all fours upward. I asked him for permission to take his picture in that posture. He refused as it was far from graceful. Now I think about it, I should have said "As long as you feel good, who cares about the posture?"


The daily traffic of my blog had been around 20 visits per day. On April 30th, the number of visitors exceeded 900, and more than a hundred on May 1st again. It just occured to me to ask ah-Jia. Indeed, he had been recommending my blog to around a thousand people.

詹宏達大師/Master Zhanhongda

Five Songs from the Movie Puppet Master/戲夢人生裡的五首歌

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  1. 大大,拜托哦,請不要叫阿嘉大師大師的,他是一個很台灣的台灣囝仔,人客氣又一條腸子個性,叫他大師聽起來很奇怪?。
    客家阿姐 劉丁妹敬上

  2. 來拜訪囉,當然也是阿嘉通知的啦

  3. 細妹按靚:我跟阿嘉見過,當然知道他是啥德行。啊怎麼臺灣囝仔就不能當大師哦?人家客氣,我可不敢當福氣耶~人家阿嘉雖然古錐,但總是一號人物。叫他大師可不過份哦~

  4. 歡迎水噹噹大駕光臨~

  5. 雅歌也來了!

  6. 在網路中搜尋"戀戀北迴線"創作過程時,很高興看到這篇文章。


    2009年春天,右眼失明的詹宏達重新出發,設立"故鄉合唱團 Homeland Choir",親自指揮演唱他的聖樂創作詩歌,這個網頁記錄了這三年來大部分的活動以及音樂會的信息:


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