Taiwanese Meat Dumpling/港都肉圓專賣店

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Please check this out instead: Fulai Meat Dumpling

Rating: Pilgrimage

Style: Steamed


This is the second best Taiwanese meat dumpling, and the best in Kaohsiung. It is freaking cheap. Super great ROI.

  1. 塊頭大,吃來爽
  2. 有乾、湯兩種吃法變化。這攤可能也有,但我還沒嘗過。
  3. 古早味:這攤可能為了應付高雄市裡的變態健康追求者,湯裡不放鹽

The best is the one in the market in Town of Lin-Yuan. As they are classified under "pilgrimage", that means I would make a trip just for it. This second best is so close to the best, that I no longer can convince myself to make the trip to Lin-Yuan. Their fillings tastes almost identical. I thought they were studied under the same chef. The one in Lin-Yuan is better in three ways:
  1. Size does matter
  2. Two varieties: swimming in the broth, or not
  3. Tradition: Taiwanese these days are NUTS about cutting down the dosage of salt. This vendor's broth is salt free.


Althoght Lin-Yuan is better, but the difference does not justify the trip. On the other hand, if it is on my way, then I cannot miss it.


It costs only NTD$10 for a piece for such a delicious treat. Further more, buy five get one free! Gosh! Where else can you find such a great deal?


The boss is making a new sign. If you cannot find this one, try to find "港都肉圓專賣店".
Business hour: 11:00-18:30

做肉圓/Making Them:
上肉圓/Serving Them: free counters

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