A Temple in the Middle of a Road/千秋府:路中廟

April 18, 2009


This temple was not in the middle of the road. The city was planning on expanding the road, and tried to demonlish the temple. While the team follow the order of the city, the machinaries and the health of the workers the God. After three failed attempts, the mayor of the city visited the temple himself and "negotiated" with the God by throwing Jiao. Jiao is a pair of woods. After dropping Jiao on the floor, if both piece shows the same side, then the God says "no." Otherwise, the answer is "yes." When the God says "no", if both piece is upside down, then the no is said with a smile. Otherwise, a straight face. The mayor offered either side of the new road for exchange, but we know God's answer judged by today's situation. This cannot be safe for traffice, yet regardless of the frequent visits and activities, there is no accidents.

I asked the God for permission for taking photos inside the temple, and was refused. However, I obtained the permission to interview the clergymen.

The clergymen were reluctant to be interviewed. They considered the matter was considered sensitive. I managed to change their mind by telling them I had obtained the permission by dropping Jiao.


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