Updated: May 20, 2010: 深入敵後:北斗肉圓在高雄/Deep Behind Enemy Line: Bedao Meat Dumpling

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People of Taiwan have always been divided. According to a survey done by Liberty Times, people north of Gagi prefer fried meat dumpling; the others steamed. The deep fried meat dumpling of Bedao, is now available in Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan. Master Chen Yimin of Zhaobao Taiji authenticates that the meat dumplings of this stand are shipped directly from Bedao. However, I am so stubborn that I still prefer the steamed ones from Bindong.

槓丸湯/Meat Ball Broth

肉圓/Meat Dumplings

米糕/Rice Cake

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  1. 我口水滴下来了,好吃吗?


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