Master Chen Yimin: Zhaobao Taiji Hulin Frame/陳逸民老師:趙堡太極拳忽靈架

趙堡太極拳在臺第二代傳人陳逸民老師在高雄市民權公園演練忽靈架 。 Master Chen Yimin, a second generation of Zhao Bao Taiji in Taiwan, demonstrates the Hulin Frame in Minquan park, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. 陳逸民老師示範白鵝晾翅、倒捲肱應用: 先以白鵝晾翅誘出對手反抗之勁,若對手不反抗,則直接以白鵝晾翅將對手發出;否則立刻借力改用倒捲肱。兩招連綿不斷,以小圈使出,防不勝防。 Master Chen Yimin demonstrates the application of White Goose Spreads the Wings combined with Reverse Griding Arm (Aka Reverse Repel the Monkey): Trick the opponent to fight against your force. If the opponent does not fight back, then use White Goose Spreads the Wings to defeat the opponent. Otherwise, use the opponent's force by applying Reverse Grinding Arm. These two moves are combined together and applied by drawing very small circles. Hence they become very effective. 陳逸民老師指導學生白鵝亮翅、倒捲肱應用 陳老師授課地點/Location of Master Chen's Class: 檢視較大的地圖 陳老師已仙逝。 Master Chen has passed away. Since May 14, 2010: free counters

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